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Confessions of a Once-Toxic Pal

0 Comments -- Jun 24, 2015

KYU signing in!

How has everyone been? I've been more active around my Facebook art page (see Links tabs to the side) than here. My apologies. My life has been a whirlwind these days, so at this moment, I am at my recovery and revamping phase.

Everyone goes through phases in life. I admit, I am quite a late pacer.

Recently, my life has done a 180, and it had been going by so fast. Being someone with shallow confidence, I had been constantly fraught with insecurities - that I admit as well. In the past, I had been reckless, I was desperate for company, desperate to be accepted, desperate to be noticed. I found friends, I lost "friends", but that was the norm.

I recently went through another loss. With a heavy reason.

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Natsuyasumi banzai!

0 Comments -- Apr 21, 2015

KYU signing in!

I haven't been able to update the blog much at all!  Goodness. The last time I tried to, my phone wouldn't let me at all!

Maa ii.

It seems my schedule will become busier in the months to come,  so I will try my utmost to write in the blog whenever I can. For those who have come and gone through this page, I thank you very much for visiting!

I hope to write more soon!

That's all for now, guys!

KYU signing out!


Happy New Year!

0 Comments -- Jan 19, 2015

Happy New Year, everyone!

KYU signing in!

It has been a while since I've posted. I really should do so more often. I hope you've all had a very productive year, as have I. With day-job hunting putting me on my toes last year, I've made pretty slow progress when it came to my compilations!

It may be barely noticeable, but I have taken down some of my less-relevant posts in the past year.

Kyu's Den is going through the new year's springcleaning phase!

I've added a few bits to the Projects section, and will be extending that further to smaller sections so that you can all read a little bit more about each storyline listed there! It's going to take some time, but I'll be getting it done!

I've also taken down a few selections from the Literary section. Aven Crest has been pulled out of active reading and will be republished once I finish writing the books formally. Consequently, Ore ne Kokoro, Ore no Ai, Ore no Merodii has also been taken down for the very same reason. I, however, will not be writing it, but will be illustrating its manga form.

We have a long year ahead of us, guys, so hang in there! Let's make the most of our 2015!

Thanks for the support, everyone! I'll keep you guys updated!

KYU signing out!


Jaded Halo - Prologue: The Protagonist's Introduction

0 Comments -- Nov 19, 2014

**Tete-a-tete: All that dabbling on PS and SAI actually brought out some decent art! Enjoy!**

Since the beginnings of religion, mortals have, one way or another, become aware of our presences in their world. We were called by many names, many titles. Heralds. Guardians. Protectors. Healers. Guides. Seraphs... and even more commonly known: Angels.

Anyone who heard the words would automatically think: "Oh-ho, Good Guys!" -- thank you stereotypes. We were those mythical noble figures who fight Evil, also known by the popular label: Demons. When we're not kicking ass, we sing. That's a fact. Might I add, our voices rock the Heavens literally - anyone'd think a party's going on all the way up there. We dance, too, with the exception being some of us, including me, who can't manage because the Creator gave us two left feet -- who could handle dancing around with togas up to the ankles, anyway?

Come now, I kid. The togas are our little joke. We don't really dress ourselves in frock coats, and our cherubs don't dress themselves in loincloth either. Or naked. I'll have you know they're HUGE - four (non-human) heads, blinding light, obviously NOT adorable newborn babes with little halos over their curly hair. I can't imagine having them prancing around singing "Hallelujah!" with that scanty cover. Worse when naked. Saint Pete will be beside himself with blasphemy.

But Good Guys? Nah. Not all of us are. Please don't take us that way. We all knew what went wrong with Lucifer.

I know.

That's because I'm one of the Fallen.

My name is Azuriel. I'm an earthbound angel. I am not one of Lucifer's lackeys. Neither am I one of the Angelic Host you humans revere so much. I am a repenting rebel, outcast by my fellow Brethren, and sentenced by the High Ones to an eternity of walking the Mortal Realm in the guise of man. As penance for my uprising with the first Angelic war, and the sin of being blinded by Lucifer himself, I am now an Overseer bound to watch over Earth, and only intervene where the Demons' influences are obvious.

No, I'm not supposed to act like some superhero in disguise. Don't start with that. Capes suck as hell. Spandex is just meh - I'd rather die a thousand times than be caught in those. I don't understand this thing called Hollywood, never did see the logic of how men in tights could fight and save the world without getting their nuts cracked open in the not-so-rare opportunity. Okay, now I'm straying. My point is, sometimes, bad things have to happen, it's where good shines out the most. Balance eventually sets itself right. I'm only there in case it's starting to lean out of control. I'm stuck with this job for Eternity. No shit. I'm hoping that perhaps an Eternity won't be needed in order to complete my Penance.

That's how it works. At least, that's the decree that has been passed to me.

Which is why in the hundreds of years and the many mortal incarnations I took form in, I got to meet both bad and good entities. They weren't necessarily ordinary men, either. We have an unspoken understanding. They do their thing, I do mine. Either of us are prepared to leap at each other's throats the sooner someone steps out of line.

Speaking of those entities, I'm sitting around, waiting for one of them now.. and we'd be chatting over coffee.

Since he isn't here yet, how about I chat with you for the meantime? I'll tell you my story.

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The Literary Gallery

0 Comments -- Nov 18, 2014

KYU signing in!

Welcome to the Literary section!

This is where you'll find the links to the different stories and novels that I write during my pastime. I have an assortment of tastes, so the genres also vary from time to time. Allow me to share the little things I write for your reading pleasure!


C U R R E N T  ○  U P D A T E S

**Updated the following:
- Atashi wa No. 1 Host! - Finished Chapter 2, Chapter 3 in Progress
- Aven Crest Academy: The Beginning - Compiled chapter parts into single chapters.
- Aven Crest Institute: The Darker Saga - Added minor details, finalized Chapter 2.


Available literary works!
-See below!-


About the Aven Crest Series:
Aven Crest has been unpublished from Wattpad. After some thought, I've decided to only release it once I've finished writing the books. I will be sharing them with you all once more in the near future!

Thank you very much for supporting AC!~

Aven Crest Academy: The Beginning
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Supernatural, Action, Romance
Summary: Emilie wished for nothing more than Inter-Racial peace. What better idea to start with than with an Academy? However, it seems that there is trouble brewing on mortal Earth. Will the Academy rise? Or will it fall even before it begins?

Aven Crest Institute: The Darker Saga
Status: Currently ongoing. (Updated 08/05/2014)
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Supernatural, Action, Romance
Summary: With the Institute recovering after the siege that happened 20 years ago, how will Senri, Klyst, Anri, and the rest of the Institute cope? Especially when Emilie had gone without leaving a clue? Who has her? 

Atashi wa No. 1 Host! (I'm the No. 1 Host!)
Status: Currently ongoing. (Updated 08/05/2014)
Genre: Teen Fiction, Humor, Romance, Reverse Harem, Genderbend
Summary: Akari Shizuna is a highschooler with a love for cosplay, but because of her lack of attributes, it was her dearest wish to be a "cute cosplayer", even just once! Her life takes a turn when she applies for a part-time job at a café, only to find out that only male cosplayers are accepted. Strangely, she made the applications, too! How will she deal being in the company of handsome cosplaying hosts?

Jaded Halo (on Japtem)
Status: Currently ongoing. (Updated 11/19/2014)
Genre: Shounen, Supernatural, Adventure, Fantasy (Game-inspired)
Summary: It's not everyday someone runs into a seraph in disguise. What would you do if he offered to tell you his Story? And what if that storytelling isn't just sitting around and talking over nice coffee? It's your choice, reader. You're one of the main characters!

For the first time, this literary piece can be read here!

That's all for now, everyone!
I hope you guys enjoy reading! 

KYU signing off!

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