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Project Updates!

0 Comments -- Apr 29, 2014


KYU signing in!

It's been a while since the last update. I'm posting all over my domains, but they only have one content in summary. -laughs- I'm here to update what's been going on these days, and like I've posted in my Tumblr (I've posted there first for a change, and I'll be doing the same for my LiveJournal in a while), I'm passing by to write about what I've been up to!

To business!

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The Project & Concept Trove

0 Comments -- Mar 28, 2014

Kiseki Kojin* New Art Page on FB!

KYU signing in!

Welcome to the new section! The Project and Concept dump section has now been opened!

It has been a while since I've updated, and I apologize for not doing so very often! Look at that nice logo stamp! Yes, I've recently created an art page on FB! I update both my new DevArt and this page simultaneously. The works you'll be able to see here, are mostly finished pieces, as well as manga projects. This page was intended to broadcast the latest happenings in my manga works.

Now about this Trove...

I'll be sharing the summaries of my working titles here. I won't go in-depth yet, since I like keeping the juice back until the time is right! -laughs-

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The Literary Gallery

0 Comments -- Mar 23, 2014

KYU signing in!

Welcome to the Literary section!

This is where you'll find the links to the different stories and novels that I write during my pastime. I have an assortment of tastes, so the genres also vary from time to time. Allow me to share the little things I write for your reading pleasure!


C U R R E N T  ○  U P D A T E S

**Updated Chapter 3, Part Two in Aven Crest Academy! Finished Part One of Atashi wa No. 1 Host!**
There's a recent addition to the story lineup as well, if you guys are fond of Yaoi!


Available literary works!
-See below!-


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Akimashite Omedettou!

0 Comments -- Jan 5, 2014

Zello, minna!

KYU signing in!

2014 has just started! My head's still in the clouds somehow, so allow me to greet you guys with a big AKIMASHITE OMEDETTOU GOZAIMASU! This year has me bringing in new projects in collaboration with other writers! I haven't updated this blog in forever, so I'll be bringing you guys up to scratch with what I'm up to now.

First of all, I'll be illustrating the manga for the new anthology, Wings&Wishes (W&W).. this series works pretty much like your Shonen Jump or Shojo Beat-- the difference being it is released on an irregular basis, since my writers and I have constantly varying schedules!

What do you expect to find in the manga volumes?

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Inner Strife

1 Comments -- Nov 12, 2013

Hey, minna.

KYU signing in.

Yeah, I'm a little down at the moment. And I'm also in a deeply contemplative mood. It's been days, and I figured it's going to get bad if I don't find an outlet anytime soon. Should a person's whining annoy you, kindly skive over this entry and check out the other sections of my blog! 

Let's see...
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